Comunismo y Universidad. El Frente de Agrupaciones Universitarias de Izquierda (FAUDI-PCR) frente a la “Revolución Argentina” (1966–1973)

  • Juan Sebastián Califa


Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Buenos Aires

One month after the 1966 coup that brought the retired General Juan Carlos Onganía to the presidency in Argentina, public universities were intervened. The government of the self-proclaimed "Argentine Revolution" (1966–1973), overwhelmed its university autonomy by curtailing the democratic freedoms that made possible the development of a growing political activity. Far from silencing dissent, the intervention enhanced it. This article focuses on young people who in 1968 broke with the PC to give life to the PCR. Various sources, with a focus on the press and other party materials, will serve to reconstruct its career at the University of Buenos Aires.

Studies and Materials