The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Books on Communism, 2015-2016


  • Gleb J. Albert
  • Bernhard H. Bayerlein


Edited by Gleb J. Albert and Bernhard H. Bayerlein

Further titles contributed by Jesper Jørgensen (Copenhagen), Dainis Karepovs (São Paulo), Jan Holger Kirsch (Potsdam), Manfred Mugrauer (Vienna), Aleksandr Reznik (Basel/St. Petersburg), and Frank Wolff (Osnabrück)

968 books from 66 countries have been retrieved for the 2015-2016 issue of the International Bibliography, also including selected addenda from 2013-2014. While compiling this bibliography, various web resources have been explored, such as numerous library online catalogues of most of the countries, mailing lists such as H-HOAC, H-Russia, and kritische geschichte, but also bibliographies such as the bibliography of
Bulgarian communism at and the “New Books from Russia” section in Revolutionary Russia have been particularly helpful.
Correspondents and readers are hereby encouraged to contribute to the bibliography. We also look for more correspondents for the different countries and regions.






The International Bibliography of Communist Studies