News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions

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• New Declassifications in Russian Archives, 2011
• Moscow: Website Relaunch of the RGASPI & International Brigades Digital Archive
• “Gulag Boss”: Discussing the Memoirs of a Gulag Commander
• “Pravda” über DFG-Nationallizenz verfügbar
• Washington D.C.: ECNU – Wilson Center Cold War Studies Initiative
• Egypt: State Security Archives May Be Opened
• Washington D.C.: FBI Releases SOLO File
• Riazanov Library Project: US Radical Left Periodicals Digitised
• Marxists Internet Archives: Recent Additions on British Communism
• Bloomington, IN: Polish Workers’ Movement Collection at Indiana University
• Vologda, Russia: Regional Communist Newspaper Digitised
• Amsterdam: Ngo Van Papers at the IISH
• Coventry, UK: Internet Project “Trabajadores: The Spanish Civil War Through the Eyes of Organised Labour”
• Budapest: New Sources on the 1956 Revolution at OSA
• Washington, D.C.: Jacques Rossi Memorial Gulag Research Fund
• Neue Informationen zur Biographie von Voldemārs Roze
• Potsdam-Berlin: Internet-Portalprojekt DDR-Presse

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News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions