TOC PREVIEW: The International Newsletter of Communist Studies XXIV/XXV (2018/19), no. 31-32


TOC PREVIEW: The International Newsletter of Communist Studies XXIV/XXV (2018/19), no. 31-32

The issue 31-32 of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies is due to be published within the next few weeks. Here we present you with a preview of the Table of Contents.


I. The Newsletter of the Newsletters: Communist Studies Newsletters – New issues/Selected Items

II. News on Archives, Holdings and Institutions

Hidden Manuscripts of the Left Opposition Found in Verkhneuralsk • Archival Edition Available Online: Komintern y América Latina en documentos del Archivo de Moscú • “Documents of Soviet History”: New Collection on 1917 • Digitised Archive Materials on Russian and Early Soviet Diplomacy • Digitised Archive Materials on WW2 Soviet Foreign Policy • Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung: Nachlass von Hermann Weber erschlossen • Istoriia Stalinizma Book Series Available Online • MEGAdigital: Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe als Online-Version • “The Stalin Digital Archive” als DFG-Nationallizenz verfügbar • Nachlass von Karl Hofmaier im Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv • Teilnachlass von Elsa Rutgers-Fausch im Schweizerischen Sozialarchiv • Now Online: The Russian Empire and Soviet Union. A Guide To Manuscripts and Archival Materials in the United States • Nachlass von Hans Stierlin im Archiv für Zeitgeschichte der ETH Zürich • Russian Edition of „Communist International“ Journal and Comintern Publications Digitised • Stalin’s Funeral: Materials Rediscovered at RGASPI • ZZF-Vortragsreihe zur Kommunismusgeschichte: Vorträge online • Nachlass von Bernhard von Brentano im Literaturarchiv Marbach • Radical History Online: A List of Collections • Balazs Nagy (Michel Varga) Papers at Senate House Library, London • Lexikon des deutschen Rätekommunismus 1920-1960 • UB Gießen: Digitale Sammlung Frühe Holocaustliteratur • Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht Papers at IISG Online • Historical US Communist Newspapers Available at Proquest • Annotated Bibliography of Esther Frumkina • “Left History” Journal Goes Open Access • Digitized Newspapers from the Russian Civil War • Biografisches Lexikon Widerstand und Opposition im Kommunismus 1945-91 • Bundesarchiv: Akten der Kunst und Antiquitäten GmbH online recherchierbar • Rosa Luxemburg in the 1918 Revolution: A Timeline • The Ephemera Archive (Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal) • Das Manès-Sperber-Archiv (Berlin)

• Gleb J. Albert: Personal Papers of Scholars of Communism: A Preliminary List

III. Research Projects and Dissertations – Work in Progress

• Éric Aunoble: The Involvement of the Lower Classes in the Making of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine, 1918–1921: A Research Project

• Andrej Marković: Producing Ideology in Yugoslavia During the 1960s and 1970s. PhD Project

• Moritz Neuffer: Periodical Forms of Theory. New Left Journals, 1950s to 1980s. PhD Project

• Fredrik Petersson: Local Street Politics and Transfer of Global Awareness in Sweden, 1917-1939 // Biographical Project: Willi Münzenberg. A Red Visionary in a Changing World (working title)

• Agnès Sophie Vollmer: Against the Détente! The Formation of a Global Anti-Communist Community during the ‘Long’ Sixties (1955–1980). PhD Project

IV. Studies and Materials

• Pierre Broué: The International Oppositions in the Communist International. A Global Overview

• Gleb J. Albert: “I have no qualms about ... having shown Soviet Russia just like it is”: Aleksandr Lozovskii’s 1920 Reports About Travels with Foreign Delegates

• Juan Sebastián Califa: Comunismo y Universidad. El Frente de Agrupaciones Universitarias de Izquierda (FAUDI-PCR) frente a la “Revolución Argentina” (1966-1973

• Dietrich Orlow: The Last Hurrah: Hanna Wolf’s and Wolfgang Schneider’s May, 1989 Defense of Stalinism

• Jie Li: The Use of Lenin in Chinese Sovietology after 1989

V. New Publications – Review Essays, Reviews and Presentations

V.1: Review Essays

• Ottokar Luban: Neue Literatur zur deutschen Novemberrevolution 1918–1920

• Ottokar Luban: Die deutsche Novemberrevolution 1918–1920 in Fotos und Briefen

• Reiner Tosstorff: Zur Neuedition der Tagebücher von Ivan Majskij

V.2: Reviews

• Maria Lafont: The Strange Comrade Balabanoff. The Life of a Communist Rebel (Barbara C. Allen) [review in English]

• Andy Willimott: Living the Revolution. Urban Communes and Soviet Socialism 1917–1932 (Éric Aunoble) [review in English]

• Hernán Camarero: Tiempos rojos. El impacto de la Revolución rusa en la Argentina (Víctor Augusto Piemonte) [review in English]

• Gregor Benton (ed.): Prophets Unarmed. Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail, and the Return from Limbo (Steve Smith) [review in English]

• Michael Goebel: Anti-Imperial Metropolis. Interwar Paris and the Seeds of Third World Nationalism (Fredrik Petersson) [review in English]

• Käte und Hermann Duncker: Ein Tagebuch in Briefen (1894–1953) (Reiner Tosstorff) [review in German]

• Kristen Ghodsee: The Left Side of History. World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe (Gerd-Rainer Horn) [review in English]

• Jean-François Fayet e.a. (eds.): Echoes of October. International Commemorations of the Bolsheviks Revolution, 1918-1990 (Andy Willimott) [review in English]

V.3: Presentations and Announcements

VI. Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies

VII. The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Books on Communism, Issue 2017/18

VIII. Periodicals on Communist Studies

• Selected Journals on Communist History

• Selected articles sent in and published by Newsletter correspondents and readers in journals and edited volumes, 2017-2018

• Manfred Mugrauer: Publications on the History of the Communist Party of Austria, 2017-2018

IX. Communism in Culture, Art and Media

Dziga Vertov’s “Anniversary of the Revolution” Rediscovered • Comintern Centenary Exhibition in Moscow: Virtual Tour • “Tarrafal Never Again”: Exhibition in Portugal • Soviet Yiddish Music from World War II Rediscovered • Dark Comedy on the Death of Stalin

X. Discussions, Debates, Historical Controversies

• European Parliament Adopts Resolution Condemning Communism • “Trotsky”: Controversial Russian TV Series • Controversy Around Victor Arnautoff’s Murals

XI. In Memoriam

• Anatolii Avrus (1930–2017)

• Samuel H. Baron (1921–2017)

• Bernd Bonwetsch (1940–2017)

• Carter Elwood (1934–2018)

• Maria Ferretti (1958-2018)

• Hans Hautmann (1941–2018)

• Narihiko Ito (1931–2017)

• Annelies Laschitza (1934–2018)

• André Mommen (1945–2017)

• Aleksandra Novozhenova (1982–2019)

• Bill Pelz (1951–2017)

• Arsenii Roginskii (1946–2017)

• Alfred Erich Senn (1932–2016)

• Claudie Weill (1945–2018)

• Larissa Zakharova (1977–2019)

• Jürgen Zarusky (1958–2019)